Current Fee Information:

Fee Information Includes Tax

  • Dogs $44.00/24-hour period (per dog)
  • Dog daycare at my location $33.00 per day (per dog)
  • Cats $26.00/24-hour period (per cat)
  • Cats cared for at your home $30.00 per visit (Each additional cat $15.00 per visit)
  • Birds, Hamster, Reptiles $19.00/24-hour period (Each additional pet $9.50/24 hour period)
  • Rabbits/Guinea Pigs $24.00/24-hour period (Each additional pet $12/24-hour period)
  • Other animals, call for pricing


  • Minimum fee is one 24-hour charge
  • There is a possible minimum fee of 7 days over the holidays
  • Minimum $10/15 minute late fee
  • No credit cards please
  • All pets must be current with vaccinations and a veterinary approved flea treatment applied

Additional Services:

  • Administered medications and vitamins $5-$7/24-hour period
  • Bath with Daycare/Overnight stay-price by weight (must pre-book appointment)
  • Ear Cleaning $11
  • Nail Clipping $11
  • Anal Gland Expression $15
  • Teeth Brushing $11
  • Behavior assessment $15.00 one-time fee
  • Transportation (pets, food, meds, etc.) $20.00-$40.00 /trip (The Northshore area includes: Bayside, East Side, Fox Point, Glendale, River Hills, Shorewood and Whitefish Bay)
    If transport is outside the Northshore area, please add 50¢ per mile
  • Holiday drop-off/pick-up, & overnight additional fee $25.00
  • Emergencies and miscellaneous services $75.00 plus regular fee
  • Time spent with your pet at veterinary appointment $25.00 per half hour
  • Bordatella Oral Vaccine $30.00
  • NSPC Facility Special Diet $5.00 per meal
  • For grooming services call North Shore Doggy Daycare for pricing 414-352-2273

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