About Us


Hello, I'm Melanie, currently the manager of the North Shore Pet Connection.  I previously worked at the Pet Connection about 12 years ago.  At the time I was in school and working part time with the animals.  I graduated and became a Registered Nurse 11 years ago.  I worked in the Intensive Care Unit of various hospitals in the Milwaukee area as well as Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia.  I specialized in Trauma, Neurosurgical and general Critical Care.  After working through 2020 into 2021 and COVID, I decided I needed a break.  In May of 2021 I reached out to Diane and hoped she would have a place for me to fill in at the Pet Connection.  I needed to be with the animals and find joy in my work again.  She brought me back on and I very quickly fell back into place and was thoroughly fulfilled and happy.

I believe in the vision Diane has worked so diligently to master at both the North Shore Doggy Daycare and North Shore Pet Connection.  To see your pets through all stages of their life.  From puppy and onto adult and into geriatric and hospice.  I find my experience as an RN provides a great deal of benefit to my current role as the manager of the Pet Connection.  To provide specialized care for pets of all ages with unique medical needs as well as catering to the geriatric and hospice pet population.  I truly find a unique connection with each and every one of the animals we care for.  I prioritize each with an individualized level of care and compassion based on their needs.  I look forward to each day I am caring for your pets.

I enjoy managing the dedicated staff at NSPC.  Together, we aspire to give your pets the absolute best care possible with each of our distinctive areas and levels of expertise and experience.  Thank you for allowing us to love and care for your pets.


Hello, I'm Marilynn Mee, the newest NSPC/NSDD pet care team member. If my name sounds familiar, it might be because of my "previous life" - a Milwaukee radio air personality. And if you were one of my listeners, you're certainly not surprised that I've begun the next chapter of my life working in the field I'm most passionate about - pet care! It's so wonderful to be able to bring everything I've learned about dogs, cats and other pets over the years as a pet mom and as a shelter/rescue volunteer to North Shore Pet Connection. I especially love taking care of our most senior pets who need a lot of extra care and attention and I enjoy getting to know the lovely pet parents I meet.
When I'm not at NSPC, I'm usually home with my own little posse of pets - seven year old Danny, my Malaysian street dog rescue, fourteen year old Martin, my big yellow Lab I adopted a couple of years ago who was brought to Wisconsin from South Texas on a rescue transport and my fourteen year old Lilac Point Siamese cat, Su Lin who is also a rescue. We love watching TV together and (of course) we listen to a lot of great music.


Hey there! My name is Cassie and I’ve been working in a grooming salon since 2011, and have been grooming since 2013. I am certified in pet first aid.
I have three dogs of my own, so I know how important it is to have someone you can trust on the other side of those doors! I have Ruca a Pit mix with lots of attitude, Chunk a humane society special that “rules the roost,” and Sully a Mexican Hairless that’s ready to head South for warmth.
Come see me at the North Shore Doggy Daycare…I would love to get your dog looking nothing short of Fabulous!


Hey there! My name is Rachel and I currently live in Milwaukee with my boyfriend Justin. I have two wonderful dogs at home; a terrier mix named Willow and a Pit Bull/Bassett Hound mix named Harley. I also have Ball Python named Noodle!

I graduated from Milwaukee Career College as a Veterinary Technician in 2015 and have been working with animals ever since. I couldn’t be happier to be a part of the North Shore Doggy Daycare and North Shore Pet Connection team!


Hello, I’m Rhonda. I am a certified groomer at North Shore Doggy Daycare and North Shore Pet Connection. I have 16 years of experience working with dogs and cats in various grooming businesses. I have worked for the Wisconsin Humane Society, Petland, and as a caretaker for horses at The Ranch and Erin Meadows Farm. Put simply, I love all animals…any size, age, temperament, or special needs.